Eye Examinations

Your eye examination will be carried out using tried and tested clinical procedures,

linked with modern equipment and methods, such as retinal photography. Your general 

health will be discussed, and you will be asked about your family eye history. At the end

of the examination any findings will be discussed with you, and we will recommend when

your next visit should be.

Conditions commonly discovered at an eye examination are diabetes, glaucoma and

high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Any problem identified at your examination

will be fully explained to you, with advice on what to do next.


                                                      PLEASE NOTE you are assured of total clinical and personal confidentiality of any information

                                                      given to us. Our patient database and records are not internet linked, and are both totally

                                                      controlled by in-house security systems, so that your details will not be passed on, either

                                                      intentionally or unintentionally, to anyone else for marketing purposes or for any other reasons.                                               

Eye Health

This should always start with regular examinations, a bit like going to the dentist every six months, but in the case of your eyes, every two years is usually acceptable, unless of course earlier checkups are advised by your optometrist.

Regular examinations can also reveal other health problems such as diabetes, which, if spotted early enough, can be diagnosed and controlled more easily.